Introducing Continuous Pumping

Instant Transitions. Pump continuously stage after stage.

Freedom Series iControl

The Freedom Series Completion System with FS iControl enables instant transitions between stages, allowing your pumps to run continuously, dramatically increasing completion rates and reducing cost per well.  By automating the hydraulic gate valves and integrating automatic greasing, along with Downing’s proprietary algorithms, FS iControl delivers unrivaled efficiency to your completion operation.

Goodbye Transition Time

FS iControl’s proprietary algorithms integrated with the Freedom Series Completion System transition the zipper valves from one well to the other, opening the second well and subsequently shutting-in the first well, all while pumping.  The transition is instantaneous and the total time between stages measured at treatment pressure is as fast as 40 seconds.


Instantaneous Transition Time

  • Reduces transition time to zero
  • Stage-to-stage time (measured at treatment pressure) in 40 seconds or less
  • Wireline downhole immediately at end of stage

Automatic Greasing Every Time Valves are Actuated

  • Reduces greasing costs by up to 90% with data to prove it
  • Grease to valve manufacturer specifications
  • Fills the grease cavity with exact amount of grease.  No more, no less.
  • Real-time data output: amount of grease, time-stamp, and valve greased
  • Reduces NPT incidents by ensuring valves greased properly

Reduce Employee Exposure

  • Eliminates manual operation of valves
  • Requires fewer personnel onsite



  • Reduces overall cost per well
  • Continuously pump stage to stage
  • Automatically greases valves to manufacturer specifications
  • Reduces personnel on the frac site

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