Lithium Wellhead


The extraction of lithium brine is an up and coming process that goes hand in hand with oil and gas extraction. US-based manufacturing of lithium batteries and the adoption of electric vehicles are quickly growing. Downing can help you be at the forefront of this emerging opportunity through our fit-for-purpose Lithium Wellheads.

Saltwater Disposal Wellhead 3D rendering


  • Built per industry standards and regulatory requirements
  • Fit-for-purpose wellhead
  • Enables lithium extraction from brine water 


Lithium brine recovery

Key Features: 

  • Available in slip style or mandrel
  • Any size and injection tree configuration per your specification
  • Up to 15k pressure size rating available
  • Trim levels AA to HH-NL available
  • Wellhead designs available to accommodate any casing design from 11″  to 20″
  • Up to four control lines in hanger and adapter

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