FS Completion System

Get automated, safe, and highly efficient
plug and perf frac operations.

FS Completion System

Get automated, safe, and highly efficient
plug and perf frac operations.

Change the Way You Frac

The fully-automated FS Completion System (FSCS) is an integrated multi-chamber hydraulic valve and quick-connect latch system with optional ball dropper. Remotely operated by an on-site control center, the system enables nearly continuous frac operations by significantly reducing the surface time required to run and retrieve wireline tools.

Maximize Pump Efficiency

  • Automated pressure equalization enables any tool to enter a pressurized wellbore without pressuring down and re-pressurizing the flow iron
  • Eliminates red zone operations

Increase Completion Rates

  • Up to 50% increase in daily stage completions
  • <1 minute average swap time on multi-well fracs
  • <3 minute average swap time on single well fracs

Reduce Costs Per Well

  • Eliminates unplanned costs like cutting wireline and swapping stack gate valves
  • Significantly reduces valve repairs & greasing costs

Downing Reinvents Plug & Perf Completions with the FS Completion System

Traditional plug and perforate (PnP) completions are time-consuming, inefficient and risky.  Read our white paper to learn how the FS Completion System dramatically increases efficiency, reduces safety risks and improves stage per day performance.

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More Than Just a Latch

The FSCS is a fully-integrated valve and latch system that enables nearly continuous frac operations on plug and perf completions. Watch our video to learn how it works.


  • Multi-chamber hydraulic valve
  • Fully automated and IoT enabled
  • Automatically equalizes pressure between surface and wellbore
  • Eliminates need to use gate valves for transitions

  • Automated, remote controlled hydraulic latch system
  • Redundant safety features – latch remains locked if hydraulic pressure is lost
  • Automated test seals
  • Compact, pin-less design rated to 15k psi
  • 75% smaller than competitor products

  • Remotely operates IoT-enabled FS products
  • Operates up to 4 FS valves on one location
  • Temperature controlled unit
  • Runs stand-alone via generator or through direct power
  • Powers heating blankets for FS equipment

  • Automated, remote ball launching system
  • Integrates with FS Latch
  • Accommodates multiple ball sizes
  • Prevents untimely ball degradation

  • Streamlined frac manifold
  • Replaces traditional zipper manifolds
  • 2 quick-connect clamps enable easy on-site assembly
  • Reduces connection and rig-up time
  • Flexible design for any well site layout requirements

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  • Automatic high-flow, low-pressure fluid pump
  • Remotely pre-fills lubricator
  • Eliminates risk of burning wireline through adiabatic heating
  • Equalizes pressure in seconds vs minutes
  • Works in conjunction with FS Completion System

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