Frac Equipment

Maximize the performance of your frac equipment with Downing

Complex completions require robust and well-maintained equipment to minimize downtime and costly repairs. Our engineers are equipment experts, knowing exactly what to upgrade, customize and rebuild for maximum performance potential. We work directly with you to prepare for the completion and drill-out phases of your wells so we can collectively develop an optimal, cost-effective solution so you have the equipment you need, when you need it.

In addition to our featured frac rental equipment products, Downing offers a wide range of additional equipment including gate valves, goatheads, crosses, and more. Contact us today to get started.

Downing Frac Equipment Rentals

Single Frac Valve 3D rendered image

Enhanced Valves

  • API 6A licensed valves
  • Proprietary design modifications
  • Specialized greasing procedures
  • 100% refurbished after each job
  • And so much more
Frac zipper manifold 3D rendering

Zipper Manifolds

  • Modular designs allow for reduced footprint
  • Engineered skids
  • 5” and 7” Valve Sizes
  • 10/15k psi ratings
  • Minimizes nipple-up time
  • Optimizes pump flow and reduces washout
  • Reduces downtime
Frac tree 3D rendering

Frac Trees

  • Custom modifications & configurations
  • Full range of standard valve sizes
  • 5/10/15K psi ratings

Downing Frac Rental Features:


  • Fleet standardization
  • 24/7 Proactive Operating Procedures
  • Field Support & Maintenance
  • Rigorous quality standards for repairs and remanufacturing
  • Local equipment machining
  • Multi-tier quality inspection and API-6A testing processes
  • Historical repair documentation

Frac Support & Maintenance


From equipment installation to on-site repairs, Downing’s highly trained service technicians provide frac support and maintenance 24/7/365.