FS Equalizer

True Red Zone Free Frac Operations. Faster Pump Swaps.

Swap Pumps Faster and Safer

Part of the Freedom Series Completion System, FS Equalizer enables frac crews to be completely red zone free at all times, eliminating the need for any exceptions.  Integrated into Freedom Series, it automates the bleed down and equalization of the missile, shortening the time required to switch out pumps.  And it saves additional time and cost by automatically greasing the equalization plug valves.

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Reduce time required to swap a pump

  • Rapidly bleed pressure down when removing frac pumps
  • Accurately and quickly equalizes missile with the well
  • Automatically equalizes to the well that is next to be frac’d

Automatic Greasing of Plug Valves

  • Automatically greases plug valves, extending their life and reducing cost

Reduce Employee Exposure

  • Enables true red zone free frac operations
  • Eliminates personnel actuating valves in red zone



  • Enables true red zone free frac operations
  • Decreases the time required to swap a pump
  • Reduces operating costs
  • Compatible with any frac fleet

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