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Freedom Series: Built for Remote Operations

More Than A Dashboard

As you set up remote operation capabilities, consider more than data capture and visualization, the typical starting points for such a center.  To remotely operate requires:

    • Control of on-pad systems, integrated with the pump and wireline systems to ensure elimination of human error.
    • Authorized commands originating remotely and executed flawlessly on-pad. 
    • Low latency, redundant data solutions, supported onsite with existing personnel to ensure data integrity without added cost. 
    • Automated analytics at the edge, generating alerts, signaling personnel to focus only on what is critical to keep the operation moving forward.

Each of these elements is critical to Control, to provide value, to truly operate remotely.  Without the above, you are left with remote advisory, not operations.

To implement, you can start with multiple systems from various vendors, spend months trying to integrate and develop through complex project plans…


You can adopt the Freedom Series Completion System…Remote Operations TODAY.

Graphic showing how all aspects of Freedom Series come together

Fit-For-Purpose Control System

The Freedom Series Completion System was designed and built to eliminate time on pad, safely perform 24/7 continuous pumping, and enable remote operations, removing personnel from the pad.

Downing Freedom Series location photo with blue overlayData InterlocksThe Freedom Series Completion System interlocks with the pump and wireline systems, locking out system actions that could result in cutting wireline or deadheading a well, ensuring safe operations.
Freedom Series control center with blue overlayData Aggregation with Defined ProtocolsAggregate and stream pad data
Freedom Series iControl dashboardOn-Prem ControlSurface system actions are transmitted remotely and executed on pad.
Freedom Series location photo with blue overlayIntegrated Surface SystemThe Freedom Series Completion System is integrated with wireline and pumps, instantly verifying the status of all systems before proceeding with an action. Speeds up operations and human decision making, eliminating checklists and redundant processes.
Employees working on pad in the FS control center with blue overlaySecure Operational ControlOnly approved personnel can operate the system with an authentication code, ensuring secure control of the system.
Freedom Series pad location with blue overlayOnsite and Remote SupportThe system, including digital communications, is supported onsite and via a 24-hour remote operations team, maximizing system uptime.
Freedom Series location photo with blue overlayRedundant, low-latency, bi-directional communication ensures timely data and remote control.Low-latency, Bi-Directional Communication

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