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24/7 Fracturing

Continuous Pumping. Instant Transitions. Hot Swapping Pumps Safely.

24/7 Continuous Pumping With Freedom Series

The Freedom Series Completion System eliminates the issues that prevent continuous pumping 24 hours per day, every day.  Transition time – gone.  Pump maintenance – handled. Gate valve-related NPT – significantly reduced.

Fracturing Rock All Day, Every Day

153hrs continuous pumping (6.4 days)

The Freedom Series Completion System integrates and automates the entire surface system into one.  From automated fill, equalize, and drain to automated pump swapping, the Freedom Series Completion System enables fracturing 24/7.  With a simple, single click, the system transitions the zipper valves from one well to the other, opening the second well and subsequently shutting-in the first well, all while pumping.  The transition is instantaneous with the total time between stages less than 30 seconds. When a pump goes down, no issues.  With Downing’s Hot Swap system, the pump is isolated, shut in, and exchanged, all without entering the red zone and while you continue to fracture with your remaining pumps. With Cold Bore standard and Corva’s digital twin, you have easy access to all your pad data.  Whether a zipper frac or simulfrac, the Freedom Series Completion System simplifies your operation.

The Prize

The benefits of the Freedom Series Completion System accrue to both the operator and the pumper.  For the operator, lower cost frac operations and bringing on production faster.  For the pumper, up to a 50% increase in pump utilization translating into higher returns on capital deployed.  To illustrate, assume a pumper fleet, with 32 crews, averages 16 hrs pumping per day, moving this to 23.5 hrs/day adds the equivalent of 13 crews without additional capital spend, representing a step change in completion efficiency analogous to the efficiency gains seen in drilling 20+ years ago when the industry transitioned from tricones to PDC bits.

The Prize

The Ultimate Automated Completion System

Hot Swap Full Pad

FS Hot Swap Automated Pump Swapping including Automated Missile

  • Automates the process of replacing pumps without going into the red zone during pumping operations.
  • Enables isolation of individual pumps during pumping without personnel in the red zone.
  • Reduces time required to swap a pump by rapidly bleeding pressure down.
  • Accurately and quickly equalizes missile with the well.
  • In conjunction with FS Hot Swap, allows pumps to be replaced and brought back online during frac operations without personnel in the red zone.

Smart Latch

  • Automates the latch, pre-fill and equalization of the lubricator.
  • Includes patented automated vent sub and RFID technology.

FS iControl Automated Valve Controller

  • Controls all gate valves (whether Downing valves or third party)
  • Automated greasing of all valves on every actuation
  • Enables continuous pumping operations through automated valve transition while pumping.
  • New greasing algorithms ensure every valve receives the proper amount of grease, reducing grease consumption by 90% and significantly reducing valve failures and repairs.

Freedom Series Base System

  • Automated latch – enables red zone free lubricator attachment.
  • Automated valve – allows rapid equalization, eliminates cut wireline, and reduces valve maintenance.

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