Democratizing Pad Data

Easily collect and distribute all frac site data from a centralized location

FS Net: On-Premise Data Bus

Frac pads have numerous disparate data sources.  The data is available but rarely is interconnected between the various pad subsystems, primarily due to varying protocols, requiring expertise and collaboration between multiple companies to easily transmit the data.

Downing’s Freedom Series Completion System integrates the surface systems into a single control system and automates the completion process.  Downing developed FS Net to facilitate the data communication between the multiple components of the Freedom Series Completion System.  As customers recognized the efficiency of the Freedom Series, Downing added additional functionality to FS Net to handle ALL data on the pad….importing and distributing any data source on the frac pad.  Easy to set up, FS Net can be connected within minutes, smoothly centralizing disparate data and then distributing it on demand.

Frac Pad Data Communication Made Easy

Downing’s Freedom Series Net (FS Net) integrates your surface system data into a single centralized data bus.  Not only does FS Net enable all Freedom Series products to communicate with one another but also easily collects and distributes all other frac service provider data.

Graphic showing how all aspects of Freedom Series come together

Simplified Operations

  • Allow other frac service providers to easily access critical pad data
  • Establish data communication between disparate systems
  • Trigger actions between pad systems / vendors
  • Distribute data to any on-premise system
  • Stream data to the cloud or any third party data aggregator



  • Easily collect & distribute all data sources on your frac site from a centralized location

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