The Energy of Service

Branch & Field Operations

Safely meeting and exceeding your expectations is one of our top priorities and we do so by maintaining industry-leading safety metrics. Our highly trained service technicians routinely undergo robust, on-the-job training to measure and continuously improve their competence levels.

We operate nine branch locations and service most active oil and gas basins in the U.S. Our experienced, highly-trained service technicians can install, troubleshoot and repair equipment at the well site, including:   

Equipment Repair

Downing started as a wellhead repair business in 1980, and while our operations and scope have expanded, our roots in rebuilding and repairing parts have only grown stronger. As part of our commitment to reduced well costs, we regularly maintain and repair your OEM wellhead equipment and frac rental equipment to save you critical time and money without sacrificing safety or quality.  In addition, we can repair and machine your customer-owned frac valves. 

  • All products are machined and repaired in-house
  • Multi-stage dimensional inspections
  • All units sent into the field are fit for function and in like-new condition
  • Repaired equipment is stored and inventoried for quick turnaround at our branch locations.

Customer Property Management

Maximize the life of your assets

As an operator, your goal is to maximize the performance of your well and minimize costs. With Downing, your assets are managed, repaired and maintained so you can avoid unnecessary capital expenditures and gain efficiencies through use of your existing inventory. The Downing team will pick up, clean, repair, modify, track, and deliver your equipment to any jobsite, saving you time and money. We pledge to you that your property will be well managed, maintained and utilized for your benefit.

Customer Training Programs

Proper product training is essential for the safe operation of Downing pressure-control products. We provide a variety of training programs to equip your employees with the tools they need to be successful on the job. Contact us to learn more.