Valve Greasing and Preventative Maintenance

Valve Greasing and Preventative Maintenance

Valves are a critical component of your wellhead assembly. Get the most out of your investment with a greasing program.  Maintaining your valves through the life of the well reduces costly repairs, improves safety, and reduces well control risks.  Downing provides greasing programs in all basins in which we operate.  

Downing employee performing preventive maintenance on a valve in the field

Why have a Greasing Program?

Reduce expenses and maximize life through preventative maintenance  

  • If a well control issue arises, your valves may be needed in a critical situation. An ounce of prevention is much cheaper than emergency well control. Maintaining valves properly greatly maximizes the life of your valves. 

Prevent issues before they happen

  • Valves can often sit on wells for extended periods of time without being operated. This can cause issues when the need arises.  A greasing and preventative maintenance program from Downing prevents these issues.  

Keep operations safe

  • Ensuring your valves are properly maintained keeps your employees safe during valve operation.

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