Simplifying Simul-Frac

Automated Simul-Frac. Reduced Complexity. Eliminate Operational Errors. Lower Cost

Let Freedom Series Simplify Your Simul-Frac

Frac’ing multiple wells is already a complex process.  From logistics challenges, to valve actuation, to operational issues, to driving efficient operations, personnel are under immense pressure and pulled in multiple directions, requiring a special focus to ensure operational integrity.  Add in Simul-frac operations and the complexity substantially increases….double the number of valves, actuations, greasing operations, wireline operations, etc.  The traditional way to handle this added complexity is with additional personnel (and added cost).

Downing took a different road….we automated the entire surface system process, giving the operator complete control over their simul-frac operation while significantly reducing complexity.  The Freedom Series Completion System integrates the surface systems into a single control system and automates the completion process.  This provides an unparalleled view of all sub-systems, workflow-driven process steps, and mechanical and software interlocks to ensure a safe, efficient operation….all without the attendant costs associated with added complexity.

Simul-Frac Made Easy

Downing’s Freedom Series Completion System integrates your surface systems into a single operational dashboard.  The control system algorithms know the state of your surface equipment and the process sequence – so you can focus on what really matters, frac’ing rock.

Freedom Series iControl interface dashboard

Simplified Operations

  • Freedom Series simplifies and automates the simul-frac process, eliminating the potential for operational missteps and the attendant costs associated with added complexity.
  • Simul-frac complexity can lead to longer transitions.  Freedom Series eliminates complexity and enables instant transitions.
  • Easily shut one well of a simul-frac and continue frac’ing another

Automated Control Reduces Additional Cost

  • Move to simul-frac operations without adding additional personnel cost
  • When a wireline mis-run occurs, the Freedom Series Completion System can recover lost time quickly and resynchronize with the planned operational sequence.

Reduce Employee Exposure

  • Eliminates manual operation of valves
  • Requires fewer personnel onsite



  • Reduces simul-frac complexity and errors
  • Reduces personnel on the frac site
  • Lower cost simul-frac operations

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