Carbon Capture

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CCS (Carbon Capture Sequestration) involves the capture of CO2 emissions from industrial processes and/or burning fossil fuels in power generation. Large-scale, geological storage of CO2 requires extensive deployment of purpose-built CO2 injection and monitoring wells. As part of this process, wells are drilled in select locations and used as injection points for the captured carbon.  The captured carbon is transported from where it was produced and injected / stored underground.  As part of this innovative process, Downing designs and manufactures fit-for-purpose wellhead equipment for Carbon Capture projects. 

Carbon Capture Wellhead 3D image rendering


  • Critical service elastomer seals available ensuring well integrity
  • Higher temperature application rating up to X available
  • Full U.S. sourcing of raw materials and U.S. manufacturing allow for tax credits


Carbon Capture and CO2 injection

Key Features: 

  • Available in conventional, slip style or mandrel
  • Up to 15k pressure size rating available along with all common casing sizes
  • Trim levels AA to HH-NL available
  • Wellhead designs available to accommodate any casing design from 11″  to 20″
  • One to four control lines available in hanger and adapter
  • Control line / capillary are available for casing or tubing

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