FS Flowline

Quick Connect

Substantially Reduce Rig-Up Time

Freedom Series Flowline Quick Connect System

Part of the Freedom Series Completion System and FS Flowline, the FS Quick Connect reduces rig up/down time by enabling hard iron to swivel and eliminating flange to flange connections.


Reduce Rig Up Time and Maintenance 

  • Male and Female connectors can be interchanged between 7”15k, 7”10k and 5”15k systems.
  • O-ring seal
  • Bolts holding clamp secured with impact wrench

Reduce Torquing Requirements On Site

  • Clamp style eliminates torquing
  • Fewer bolts and less torquing significantly reduce cost
  • Connection stronger than a flange

Reduce Employee Exposure

  • Tested to 24ksi
  • Less pinch points



  • Rapid assembly of 7” monobore
  • Ability to rotate aides assembly
  • Stronger connection than flange
  • Seals with simple o-ring

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