Internal Latch Multi-Bowl Wellhead System

5K Application-Specific MB-45

The MB-45 is a unitized, fit-for-purpose, 5K multi-bowl wellhead featuring an internal latch and reduced height. This versatile system accommodates all common casing programs used in 3 string applications.  The MB-45 is installed onto surface casing using a slip-on weld or pre-welded pup joint.

Improve Safety

  • Lock screw leak paths eliminated
  • Significantly less redzone exposure

Minimize Downtime & Costs

  • Install intermediate production casing without removing BOP 
  • Less time waiting on cement and casing cutting
  • Realized total time savings exceeding 24 hours per well vs conventional wellhead systems

Improve Efficiencies

  • Enhanced cementing operations
  • Run, land and install housing through the rig floor

MB-4 VS MB-45


  • 3+ Casing Strings
  • Multi & Single Well Pads

Key Features: 

  • Unitized design reduces height to 26 3/8″ vs MB-4
  • No lock screws below tubing head
  • Mandrels available in all common intermediate production casing sizes
  • Threaded on 13-5/8” 5K API OEC flanges (optional with Quick Connect)
  • Nested 11” bowl accommodates C-22 style slip hanger
  • Variety of configurations available