13-5/8” Multi-Bowl Wellhead System

Gain rig time efficiencies with Downing’s MB-3 system.

Consisting of upper and lower casing heads, our 2-piece multi-bowl systems can be shipped and assembled as one unit. Our systems are designed with several casing hanger options to fit your needs. The Downing MB-3 Wellhead System eliminates the need for rig-ups and downs for the intermediate casing string, resulting in significant time savings.

Improves Safety

  • Designed to reduce exposure to safety hazards
  • Employees spend less time under rig floor during installation
  • Back-pressure valve prep in production mandrel provides barrier during tubing head installation

Minimize Downtime & Improve Efficiencies

  • Rig-up/down for intermediate casing string is eliminated
  • Casing & tubing can be run, landed and sealed through BOP without rig down
  • Seal support can be installed through the BOP
  • BOP testing is minimized
  • Mandrel hangers virtually eliminate casing cutting and cement setting wait time


  • 3 + Casing Strings

Key Features:

  • Mandrel-style casing hanger with flutes to allow returns to be taken through the BOP stack
  • Side studded and Line Pipe outlets available
  • Slip-on weld or female box threaded bottom prep
  • Variety of configurations available