FS Pump Station

Automatically fill the lubricator & equalize pressure in seconds 

Significantly reduce downtime and eliminate risk of burning wireline through adiabatic heating using the FS Pump Station with the FS Completion System.


The FS Pump Station is an automatic high-flow, low-pressure fluid pump that remotely pre-fills the lubricator, eliminating the risk of burning wireline through adiabatic heating. The system works in conjunction with the FS Completion System, enabling the FSCS to equalize in seconds vs minutes, further reducing transition time to zero minutes on multi-well fracs and just seconds on single wells. The FS Pump Station is a free-standing system, minimizing location footprint for a cleaner wellsite and reducing employee exposure to safety risks.


Significantly Reduce Downtime

  • Reduces stage-to-stage time by >4.5 minutes
  • Significantly reduces equalization time from 3 minutes to <10 seconds
  • Drain lubricator in <90 seconds vs 3 minutes without pump

Reduce Unplanned Operating Costs

  • Eliminates risk of burning wireline through adiabatic heating
  • Eliminates choke plug-ups
  • Enhanced serviceability and response time
  • Reduces NPT incidents

Reduce Employee Exposure

  • Eliminates manual operation of pump
  • Reduces wellsite footprint



  • Automatically pre-fill lubricator with any type of fluid
  • Equalize pressure in seconds vs minutes
  • Free-standing pump system
  • Reduces NPT incidents

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