FS Pump Station

Stab and pre-fill the lubricator during frac operations
Equalize pressure in seconds 

Wireline Down-Hole in Seconds after Flush

The FS Pump Station is a high-flow, low-pressure fluid pump that remotely pre-fills the lubricator during frac operations.  Working in conjunction with the FS Completion System, the pre-filled lubricator enables the FSCS to equalize in seconds vs minutes, producing near instantaneous multi-well frac transitions and within seconds on single wells.  Most importantly, the pre-filled lubricator eliminates the risk of burning wireline through adiabatic heating.


Significantly Reduce Transition Time

  • Reduces stage-to-stage time by >4.5 minutes
  • Significantly reduces equalization time from 3 minutes to <10 seconds
  • Drains lubricator in <90 seconds vs 3 minutes without pump

Reduce Unplanned Operating Costs

  • Eliminates risk of burning wireline through adiabatic heating
  • Eliminates choke plug-ups
  • Enhanced serviceability and response time
  • Reduces NPT incidents

Reduce Employee Exposure

  • Eliminates manual operation of pump
  • Reduces wellsite footprint



  • Automatically pre-fill lubricator
  • Eliminates burned wireline
  • Equalize pressure in seconds
  • Reduces NPT incidents

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