Push II

11” Multi-Bowl Wellhead System

Go from two stages to one with the Push-II Wellhead System.
The Push-II features a two-piece seal support assembly that allows for the intermediate casing spool to be removed (without annulus exposure) in the event that the intermediate string is not brought back to surface. This feature enables you to realize significant cost savings.
Downing Push 2 3D equipment rendering

Improve Safety

  • Reduces exposure to safety hazards
  • Employees spend less time under rig floor
  • Back-pressure valve prep in production mandrel provides barrier during tubing head is installed

Minimize Downtime & Costs

  • Two-piece seal support assembly allows intermediate casing spool to be removed without annulus exposure if intermediate string is not brought back to surface
  • Rig-up/down for intermediate casing string is eliminated
  • BOP testing is minimized
  • Casing & tubing can be run, landed and sealed through BOP without rig down
  • Seal support can be installed through the BOP


  • 3 casing strings
  • “Slim Hole” Single-Well pads

Key Features: 

  • Side-studded & line-pipe outlets available
  • Fluted, mandrel-style casing hanger allows returns through the BOP stack
  • Slip-on weld or female box threaded bottom prep
  • Split packoff capability
  • Premium or API threaded mandrel hangers
  • Variety of configurations available