Internal Latch Speed Head System

Eliminate lock screws, minimize leak paths and reduce costs. The DSH-2 features an internal latch and an optional quick connect, ideal for 2-string applications. Plus, minimize rig-down time and eliminate cement-setting wait time. 

DSH-2 3d rendering

Improve Safety

  • Internal latch eliminates lock screw leak paths
  • Employees spend less time under rig floor
  • Back-pressure valve preps are available for casing configurations up to 7-5/8″

Minimize Downtime & Costs

  • Fewer makeup/breakout cycles 
  • Reduced rig time
  • Mandrel hangers virtually eliminate casing cutting and cement setting wait time

Improve Efficiencies

  • Land surface casing through the rig floor
  • Run, land and install housing through the rig floor
  • Easily install the fluted mandrel hanger and packoff seal through the BOP stack


  • 2 Casing Strings
  • Multi-well Pads with Batch / Pad Drilling

Key Features: 

  • Quick Connect option available
  • Premium or API threaded mandrel hangers
  • Available bit guide and test plugs for 7 & 7-5/8 “drill through” scenarios
  • Side-studded & line-pipe outlets available
  • Multiple slip hanger options available
  • 5,000 and 10,000 psi options
  • Compatible with tubing spools up to 15,000 psi
  • Suitable for frac operations to 15,000 psi